Sketch and Art blog I suppose
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— 28 September
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This was meant to be like that Youji sketch i did ages ago but i ended up finishing it so
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— 18 August
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chiral collab
im posting to see if i saved this correctly. Everyone else drew such interestng poses and then i just
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17 August

i am currently completely swamped with uni work. This study period ends in 2 weeks so will hopefully be drawing again then

also i swapped my main url with my sketch blog. Main blog is now RansenDays and art blog is Recklings

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— 14 June
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NoiAo colour palette thing i did to take a break from uni work
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26 April

i want to do that 30 day otp challenge but with multiple otps

first day is handholding

that should be cute

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— 14 April
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I feel like its been ages since ive drawn and it was driving me crazy. More Aoba bust shots but this time end game shiroba aoba ….sly.  I used a different brush for this sketch and i like this brush
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— 25 March
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an aoba for art block
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— 04 February
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ive been horrendously artblocked and i wanted to try something but instead it ended up not how i wanted it but at least i drew something 
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— 25 January
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attempts to understand asato
i now understand him even less
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— 07 January
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youji awkwardly floating in space a sweet pool art series by me